Interior minister: Algeria facing security threats

The Algerian Minister of Interior and Local Government, Noureddine Bedoui, warned that “his country is going through serious period characterised by a range of security risks surrounding the country.”

Speeking to Al-Shorouk TV channel, Bedoui called on “all Algerians to be highly vigilant and cautious and to assist the different security services in their mission to maintain Algeria’s security and stability.” He added, “We are currently  surrounded by security risks.”

Bedoui stressed that “the state is determined to eliminate the alien and dangerous phenomenon of terrorism” and “to raise civil and political awareness so to ensure both security and stability, as they are prerequisites for development”.

On Thursday a terrorist, carrying a firearm and an explosive charge, attacked the entrance of Tiaret Province’s security headquarters. However, the police prevented him from entering the building.

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The terrorist blew himself up. This caused the death of two policemen, Alwawi Saed and Al-Tayib Issawi, and the injury of others.

In an interview with Quds Press, the dissident Algerian security expert, Karim Moulai, said that the security situation in Algeria is deteriorating more and more as a result of instability experienced by many countries in the region, especially Libya and Mali.

Moulai also said that “Algeria is experiencing a very critical security situation, not only because of the social deterioration and uncertainty over the country’s sick president, but also because of the security instability in neighbouring and regional countries, notably leading to the spread and illegal possession of weapons.”







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